“Please come only once a month.”  It sounds like a reasonable recommendation we make to our food pantry clients.  We could even dress it up in a rather noble explanation like, “We want to help as many people as we can.”  The fact of the matter, however, sounds a lot less impressive.  We are limited.   We make a recommendation of utilizing the food pantry once a month for what turns out to be only economic reasons.  One, we worry that we are going to run out of food.  Two, we will lack the benevolence ministry volunteers to meet the needs of serving more of our neighbors in need.  So, we find ourselves on common ground with the folks who come to us for help.  We are needy.

“Please come only once a month” sounds like an easy solution.  Actually, it simply states the problem.  We worry that we will run out of food to share, and it’s not because too many people are blessed by the ministry of our food pantry.  We worry that we will run out of food because we need to donate more groceries in our monthly food drives.  We need more food.  We can do better.  Our next food drive is August 27.  Please prepare to give.  A regular announcement runs in The Interpreter that highlights the items we need most.  Look for that article, look for the grocery carts posted all over campus, and please help us help more people.

We also need more volunteers to help in our benevolence ministry.  It seems a sure thing that we’ll have more food to give away, right?  So, it stands to reason that we’ll need more folks to greet and counsel our neighbors, and obviously, we could use more help bagging groceries.  If you can give a few hours on Tuesday mornings, please consider volunteering to assist with our benevolence ministry.  You can contact me to learn more about it and sign up.  Call the church office or email me at creeves@fbcaugusta.org .

Thanks, as always, for generously supporting the benevolence ministry through your green envelope giving.  That money is setting us up to continue this good work in 2018.  Thank you for boosting our budget during this year with designated gifts.  We have been privileged to minister to a lot of people so far this year. Our budget is stretched as are our volunteers, and the pantry shelves could be a little fuller to serve more of our neighbors as we head toward the end of 2017.  Your prayers, gifts, time and food help us accomplish a vital ministry.

Yours kindly,

Chip Reeves