A Youth Week Note from David Hughes

Student ministry is a never ending adventure of exploration and discovery.  I’m always amazed when I watch students step up into leadership roles for the very first time and soar.  Youth Week is no exception and began with an amazing start on Sunday, March 24th.  Our kick off that night included prepping Manna Bags for the Bridge Ministry, student led worship, special musical guests, shared testimonies, and a beautiful sermon presented by Jackson Strickland.  Each person left with a challenge that I want to now extend to our entire church body.

We’ve all heard, “The best is yet to come” and surely many of you know by now that this is our theme for Youth Week.  We chose this theme because it asks for further examination.  In that light, we encourage each individual to explore why they believe it to be true.  So please allow me to ask you the following, “Why in Jesus do you believe the best is yet to come?”

Our students have been asked to answer this question and share their answers with others, and  I invite you to join in this journey as well.  In so doing, we will all be prepared for God to increase our understanding of our faith as a church body as we prepare to have our church wide youth worship this Sunday night, March 31st at 6 p.m. in the MAC.  This is an extraordinary time that our students want to share with you.

We also want to invite you to participate in our Youth Week offering that night as we collect baby wipes and diapers for the youngest of hearts and minds that our church serves through the Bridge Ministry.  This is a point need that our youth Casey Tom identified and is helping lead the way.  Bring your offering either Sunday morning or evening to the MAC building, and we will have a designated place to leave them.

Lastly, all the students invite you to hang out after worship Sunday night and enjoy the ice cream social that we’re hosting just to say, “We love you” and “Thank you.”  I’m so immensely excited to see all of us at youth worship so soon.  Until then, you and I have some homework to do as we not only say but soon all know why we believe that… In Jesus, the best is yet to come!  See you Sunday!