A Note from Kurt Wachtel

“Goodbye. . . Hello”
Well, I’m sitting here alone in my office. It is very quiet here on the third floor late on a Thursday afternoon. All the shelves are bare, save a couple stacks of music on my desk intended for Sunday worship and a coffee maker. Yes, the coffee maker will be the last thing to walk out the door with me.
I am in a contemplative mood. I guess that is inevitable. So many thoughts inserting themselves into my consciousness that it makes it a bit difficult to keep my mind on the task at hand – that is to say “Goodbye.”
I’ve never been very good at goodbyes; whether it be an old baseball glove, a favorite putter (I gave one away after it “betrayed” me), a coffee maker, a mother, a father.
But this is different. Although I happen to be serving beside you here in Augusta, Georgia doing Kingdom work I’m also saying goodbye to my life’s work into which God called me decades ago. Oh, I know the calling is still upon my heart and always will be. But the season has changed and my work for the Kingdom will be different. Not knowing yet exactly what that will look like is disconcerting to me. I like to plan, to plan ahead.
Okay, enough of my ruminations.
Four years ago, God blessed me with the opportunity to serve beside a whole new bevy of Kingdom workers – and He blessed me richly. The musical ensembles with which I worked weekly were always a blessing. All the quiet servants who go about their important work around the church each week, with very little recognition, were a blessing. Our members who exhibit such loving compassion as they witness and minister to the down-trodden and needy who come our way each day were a blessing. I really could keep going on and on. I won’t preach, but we need so many more willing to sacrifice just a bit of their God-given time to His mission here on earth.
I have been privileged and blessed to serve with a staff of ministers whose calling is secure – a gifted staff who is not afraid to proclaim, and demonstrate to others each day that indeed, Jesus is Lord of their lives. I have been blessed to hear the Gospel of Love passionately proclaimed from the pulpit each Sunday – that Jesus is Lord – that Jesus can be Lord of your life as well.
Because of all those reasons and so many more Jean and I are staying in Augusta. We plan to be an active part of this fellowship and hope to become a small, effective part of this body of believers. We want First Baptist Church to continue to be recognized as a shining light for the hope found in Jesus throughout this community. We all have much work to do. (There, I’ve gone to preaching again.)
We have come to love you all, as individuals and as a congregation. Even if I don’t always happen to remember your name, Jean will – and I will catch the dickens for not remembering.
So, “Hello,” we’re members of First Baptist Church. Kurt