Dear friends,

If you keep up with national news, there is no doubt that you are aware of the devastation that has occurred in Houston. Many of you are asking how our church can respond to this crisis. I would like to give you two concrete things that you can do at this moment. First, we begin by praying for the people who have been impacted by the storm. It is a foundational principle to us as Christian people that we begin by offering our prayers to God. The second aspect to our approach is to give. At this time most experts are saying that the most immediate need is financial assistance. Our gifts will enable professional organizations in Houston to begin the process of healing and reconstruction. You can give through our Sunday morning offering or you can provide support directly through our partner organizations website. I want to provide you with the links to both CBF and SBC sites that will give us direction on how we can contribute.  – A link to the CBF – A link to the SBC

Regarding long term assistance, when the time comes, our church will undoubtedly organize a team of people who travel to Houston to respond to the areas that are most damaged by Hurricane Harvey. I am proud that our church is filled with generous people who will respond when tragic events occur in our national life.

Grace and Peace,