Last Sunday morning, those of you who were in worship heard the Vision for where we are headed as a community of faith. As I mentioned in the sermon, prepare to hear this language with an alarming degree of regularity!

We are a church where disconnected people can connect with Jesus Christ
and with a community of faith.

There are people in our city who do not know Jesus, and it is my hope that our church will be a place where people come to hear the Good News proclaimed every week on Sunday morning. What I said to you, is that if we are going to be successful in reaching disconnected people, then we believe that the Sunday morning experience is essential! Sunday has to be excellent! Guests need to feel welcome when they arrive on our campus. We want everyone to have an experience where they leave our campus and say, “I can’t wait to go back next week!”. In order to make that happen, we need volunteers. Each person in worship received a card that listed the places where we need your help. At the conclusion of worship, you were given an opportunity to respond by placing a filled-out card in a basket as you left the Service.

Here is the good news. People stepped up and said they were willing to serve on Sunday morning so that our church could continue to become a place where disconnected people can connect with Christ and a community of faith. You responded well and for that I am thankful. With that being said, I want to continue giving you opportunities to answer the call to serve in our wonderful church. At the conclusion of my letter is a link where you can fill out a card and indicate where you feel led to serve in our church.

While we can use your help in a variety of areas, if we are going to be successful in our vision of reaching disconnected people, then there are a few areas in particular where we need your help. First, we need more volunteers for children’s ministry. There are a number of places where you can serve, so please consider how you can be a part of introducing children to the love of Jesus. Second, we need smiling faces to greet guests as they arrive on our campus and in our worship areas. You are the face of FBC, and when people arrive on our campus it is essential that they feel welcome; that they feel at home. But above everything else, we need you to INVITE your friends and neighbors to be at FBC on Sunday morning. If we are going to make disciples of Jesus Christ, then it begins by being excited about what happens at our church on Sunday.

I cannot begin to express how excited I am about our future and where we are headed. It is an amazing time to be at First Baptist. I hope to see you on Sunday.

Grace and Peace,