A note from Melissa Willis…

As many of you know we are a community partner with Copeland Elementary. We have a faithful team who works alongside to help the teachers and students of Copeland. Ann Taylor is one of the members of the team and I had the honor of working with her for a special event for Copeland on April 24th.

I was able to be a part of Career Day. There were 11 of us there to represent careers within the community. I was the only religious based career represented, do you know how special this opportunity was for us?  We set up a table with information and goodies from the church. I also brought my robe and stole for the children to be able to try on if they wished. It was such a ministry rich day. One of my favorite moments was when the 3rd graders filed in and I heard a scream “That’s my Church, hey that’s Miss Melissa, and Oh! There’s Miss Leah, too!” As I interacted and spoke with the children some knew of our church because they had come for VBS, Extravaganza, and other activities. One 2nd grader said, “Hey I know you, I’ve seen you on TV, you’re the lady that prays sometimes!” I smiled because I often forget that we are on TV and because of this our presence is known broadly throughout the community.

My biggest take-away from this gift of connecting with our community is when I would put the robe on each child that asked to wear it, turned them around, looked them in the eye  and said, “You can be a minister.” Each child’s eyes gleamed, maybe because he or she was hearing for the first time, that God loved them even without saying the words, but with the action.

I encourage you to consider volunteering at Copeland. Take this opportunity to connect with kids who are open and ready to see God in action through your mentoring, reading to or listening to them read, helping a teacher in a classroom, being the hands and feet of God in their school day.