Dear Church,

It is a week of new beginnings in Augusta. For many of us, we begin a new school year with kids going to new schools or new grades, meeting new people every step of the way. I love getting on social media and seeing pictures of kids that are so excited to get to their first day of school. It doesn’t matter if they are in kindergarten or in their senior year of high school, there is something in those pictures that brings a smile to my face. How great would it be if we could all be that excited about the new possibilities in our lives?

Here at the First Baptist Church we have a week filled with new beginnings! Tonight, we kick off our fall Bible studies and Wednesday night dinners. I must admit that I enjoyed a relaxing month of July, but I am excited to get back in the groove of teaching and seeing everyone during the week. Please remember that my Bible Study in the Storey Chapel will begin NEXT WEEK. Inside this edition of the Interpreter you can learn more about the different options available to you on Wednesday night, but also other studies and groups that are meeting throughout the week.

Another new beginning will happen this Sunday, when we begin Children’s Worship for children that are in K-4th grades. Melissa and a host of volunteers have been hard at work this summer making sure that this hour of worship for kids will be exciting, fun, and help them to know more about the love of Jesus Christ. You can learn more about this engaging time for children bylooking in the Interpreter and by going to our website at Of all the things that are happening this week, I think that I am most excited about this new opportunity that will better connect our children to Jesus Christ and our community of faith.

Finally, this Sunday we begin streaming our 8:30 worship service. David Rose and Dan Gaudiner have done an incredible job making sure everything looks excellent as we begin to show a broader group of people what they can expect to see when they come to worship at our 8:30 service. Simply go to the website and click on the watch live tab at the top right corner of the screen. I know you are going to love what you see as much as I do!

I hope you will make plans to be in worship this week for Promotion Sunday! We will pray a special prayer of blessing over our teachers and students as the new year has arrived here at the First Baptist Church. What an exciting time to be a part of this community of faith.

Grace and Peace,