Dear Church,

I love this time of the year. The weather is absolutely perfect, with a little chill in the air at sunrise but seventy-two degrees in the afternoon. Many of the houses in my neighborhood, and the city in general, have been transformed as we prepare for Masters week. We couldn’t ask for a better season than Spring in Augusta. I hope that you are enjoying this time of year as much as I do.

But what really makes me love Spring has nothing to do with warm weather or golf tournaments (even though I love the Masters). What brings me joy is the hope that comes in the Spring, the hope that we have in Jesus Christ. When Spring arrives, that means that we are only a few weeks away from Easter Sunday, which is the greatest day of our faith. Actually, we believe that Easter isn’t just the biggest day in our faith, it is the turning point in human history! It is the day when God declared once and for all that love conquers hate, life defeats death, and nothing can stop Jesus! Easter is why I became a Christian. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is why I have the boldness to stand up on Sunday morning and talk to people about the Rabbi from Nazareth. There is no greater day than Easter Sunday!

As we wait for Easter, I hope that you all have a relaxing Spring Break and you get to enjoy a few days of down time over the next two weeks. I know that many in our community of faith will be out of town this week, so I want to remind you that you can watch our services live online at

The good news is that everyone will be back in town for Easter Sunday, and I trust that I will see you all in worship for our Greatest Celebration! Take a look inside this edition of the Interpreter to learn more about all the activities we have planned as we approach Holy Week and Easter Sunday. What a wonderful time of the year!

Grace and Peace,