Dear Church,

Late last week, I had the privilege of attending a Pastor’s appreciation breakfast at a local school. I had a wonderful time getting to know other pastors from the CSRA. We have an amazing collection of churches in our community, and I believe that we are all working together toward the common goal of teaching people about Jesus Christ. But more than the time spent with other pastors, I was able to hear a few children from our church as they performed for the group of assembled pastors. From the moment the children began singing, I had a smile on my face. It was clear to me that this school places a premium on teaching children about the love and grace of Jesus.
Putting an emphasis on children should be important, not only for school systems, but also for churches. We serve a Savior who declared that the little children should be brought to him, so that they could know his love and grace. There is nothing more impactful than seeing a child come to know Christ. We place a high priority on children at the First Baptist Church of Augusta. It is my prayer that our kids not only know about the Bible, but more importantly, they know about the Christ who they read about in those pages. As a community of faith, we are called to do everything we can to make sure that our kids commit their lives to following him. We are constantly thinking about ways we can more effectively lead children into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. As we move into our future, the time will come when we need your help to maximize the impact of our ministry to children. I hope that you will answer the call. As the old hymn declares, “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world”.

I hope to see you on Sunday.