So when you hear that phrase, it means fall and football season are at hand—along with a hurricane (or two). I’ve always loved college football season (yes, I use the word love inappropriately). I was raised on Georgia football. Go Dawgs! My early childhood and teenage years were filled with season tickets to see Georgia play, because my dad was a Georgia grad. And then I went to Clemson, much to dad’s dismay, but a college football powerhouse, nonetheless. Go Tigers!

Today, I talked with my mom. You see, my dad died last October—and Saturdays in the fall just aren’t the same. Each Saturday, dad would retrieve the newspaper, cut out the football TV section, and highlight (yes, with a yellow highlighter) the games they would watch that Saturday—knowing that any game was second place to watching the silver britches play. So in our conversation today about college football down south, mom and I cried…

And then we talked about Hurricane Irma and mom made sure we were prepared to ride out any storm that came our way. I see the pictures, already, of devastation—in Texas (because of Harvey), through the Caribbean Islands, and soon to reach the mainland of the U.S…and I pray.

I pray for those trapped in the line of fury of a storm. Their loss is unimaginable. They have lost property, valuables, and life. They have to start over.

And it reminds me—I need to see more clearly the devastation that walks in my presence every day. There are people hurting—due to loss of a loved one, or financial crisis, or failed marriage—and the list goes on and on. I see people every day, and I am unable to see their devastation.

So here is my prayer: God, people today face the tragedy of loss because of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. I pray for their safety. And I pray that they know you are with them. May I be a messenger of your grace and peace. And I pray for those who walk among us who have experienced devastating loss—you know them, but I may not see them. I pray for your eyes—that I might see as you see. I pray that my heart will be one with Yours, and that my tears will by Your tears.

…and I pray for my mom…GO DAWGS!