Gracious God,

You have touched the life of the First Baptist Church in Augusta many times during her history. Our Bicentennial Anniversary is reminding us that the hand of your Providence in the journey of this family of faith is amazing. This story of Providence is about people, sacrifice, land, ministry, a relocation, and a renewal of mission. We now welcome another step in the unfolding of your Providence as we marvel at what you are doing in the life of this church.

I pray for the folks who will gather at 3500 Walton Way this Sunday, February 26. May they sense your presence in their midst as they seek to do your will. Move among all who gather there on that day and give them your great gifts of Wisdom, Vision, Hope, Grace and Power. We talked about those words recently, O God, but we pray that the talking is over and now the full experience will begin.

I pray for the prospective pastor and his family who will come that day in view of a call to a new ministry. Give them your strength for this weekend ahead and let them know your joy that comes through faithful following. Open the pastor’s heart and mouth to preach your good news with purpose and passion.

I pray for my friends on the Pastor Search Committee of First Baptist Church. The journey has been a long one and their dedication has been tremendous. I offer prayers of gratitude for their desire to “run with perseverance” the race that was set before them.

I pray for my friends throughout the congregation of First Baptist Church. Open their minds to hear the Word of God through the voice of a new preacher in this sacred place. Open their hearts to love and welcome this minister and his wife and to be loved by them.

I pray for the friends that I will never know. They will come along later because of the decisions made on this Sunday. Continue to move in the hearts of people all around Augusta that they may one day be drawn to Christ and to the vital ministry of First Baptist Church.

Trusting in your everlasting Providence, I offer this prayer in the name of Jesus, our Lord. AMEN.