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This Wandering Life

One fall morning, when I was a little boy of eight years old, I took it upon myself to leave the house and explore the vast pastures and woods of our farm. In the past my daddy and granddaddy walked every acre with me, but this was the first time I struck out on my... read more

A Generous Stack of Wood

“Every man looks upon his wood pile with a sort of affection.” Henry David Thoreau All of my life I have enjoyed the blessings of the generosity of others. This includes procuring firewood. I have friends in the church that have allowed me to cut wood, gather wood,... read more

Saying “No” to God

Saying “No” to God Recently I read a sermon by Frederick Buechner titled “The Sign by the Highway.” Though I enjoyed the reading, it was not until the prayer offered at the end that I found myself pausing to really reflect. If you are like me, the start of a new year... read more

Christmas Eve 2014

As I write this I am in between Christmas Eve services. Our family service has concluded and hundreds of “children of all ages” are happily making their way to home and celebration. In less than an hour our sanctuary will fill to capacity. If we are honest (and of... read more

Charlie Brown and Coffee Cups

Last night as I eased into my corner of the sofa and assumed a posture that cannot be good for long-term bone health I joined the ranks of Americans throughout our land and channel surfed through my cable options. Soon I landed on the holiday program A Charlie Brown... read more

Rum Balls

Are you ready for Christmas? I have fond recollections from childhood of my grandmother readying for Christmas by weeks and weeks of baking, boiling and kneading her way to December 25th.  The kitchen and spare bedroom of her simple house would be stacked high with... read more

Peace. What an elusive word. In this season of giving thanks it can be difficult to be grateful when you are not experiencing peace. Peace. It is sometimes difficult to imagine it. Just look to Ferguson, MO. Not much peace there. Not with the Brown family who had to... read more

Saying Thank You

Like clockwork I can look at those Maples just to the side of the church, the ones that are  near the welcome center, and know that Thanksgiving is near. These trees just blaze, like flares signaling that the time of giving thanks is near. Are you good at giving... read more

Whatever Happened to Generation X?

As far as demographic monikers go, we frequently read and hear about Baby Boomers (those born 1945-1964) and Millennials (1985-1994). Baby Boomers were at one time the largest demographic, but Millennials are a close second. Advertisers, marketers and churches have... read more

When the Earth Falls Away

It happens, doesn’t it? You walk on this earth long enough and there will be times when what you have stood upon, depended upon, slips out from under your feet.   I got the call the other day from my stepmother asking me to come home. Daddy was cutting the... read more