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Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are wonderful opportunities to be grateful for our moms and dads. Many families get together to honor mother and father on these two days. Even when parents are no longer living, the day is a fitting chance to offer our thanksgiving for... read more


The Parable of the Prodigal Son may be the most famous story Jesus ever told. It is certainly my favorite. We will talk about this story from Luke 15:11-32 this Sunday morning. As we prepare to explore the story, think about where you are in the parable. Former... read more

When God Waits

In May of 2005 I stood in Phuket, Thailand and saw an amazing sight. Less than five months earlier a tremendous tsunami had hit this area, causing loss of life and tremendous damage. I took this picture of a fishing boat that was picked up and placed on shore.... read more


Sometimes news stories reflect Scripture stories. I liked this one from several years ago: When Katie Hosking decided to break up with her fiancé, it was only 12 days before the wedding. Along with her parents, Katie had reserved a country club for the reception. With... read more

Practice Resurrection

Sometimes the best words are borrowed words. The title for my message series which begins this Sunday comes from two of my favorite authors. The words “Practice Resurrection” first originated from the pen of long-time family friend Wendell Berry. This Kentucky poet,... read more

First Thoughts

A story comes from European history that speaks to us about the meaning of Easter. The battle of Waterloo was being fought between England and France. Wellington led the forces of England; Napoleon was the French leader. At stake was supremacy in Europe. The people of... read more

First Thoughts

I am honored to begin serving as your Interim Pastor. In the weeks that lie ahead I look forward to opportunities for worship each Sunday. I also look forward to getting to know you. Ministry always moves down the road called relationship. So, tell me your name and... read more

Ministry with Youth Matters

In my previous congregation, my oldest son, Allen, received great blessings from the youth ministry team. His accountability group leader, Bill, invested significant time in mentoring Allen. Even when we moved to Augusta three years ago, Bill regularly texted Allen,... read more

To the Least of These

Recently, my son needed a topic for a college English paper. I suggested he interview my dad and discuss his service in the army. So Allen drove the two hours to Greenville, SC, this past weekend to spend the night and interview his granddad. On the way home, Allen... read more

Prayer Markers

My personality is one of “out of sight, out of mind.” Like any personality trait, it has its risks and rewards. During my seminary training, my spiritual life greatly benefitted from the study and practice of several spiritual disciplines. I came to discover certain... read more