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Last month while on vacation my boys left a couple of days before the week’s end to head back to Augusta, work, and friends. As I was hugging them bye and seeing them off, I thought about how it never seems to be “enough” with my boys who are now young men. Never... read more

South Dakota – A New Part of South Dakota for Me

Last night the guys and Savanna went fishing with Rodger and Tameka.  They got back to the church about 2 in the morning. Needless to say this morning got off to a bit of a slower start. Chip, of course, was the first one up and began digging holes for the support... read more

South Dakota – Ministry of the Lawnmower

Today began as most have this week. Chip was the first to rise to get the coffee pot going for his coffee and our early morning visit from Eric (Hermas). He then set out to work on the lawnmower to get it going for the day. As it turns out he was able to work on it... read more

South Dakota – Working on the Wall

Today we got started bright and early. The sun typically comes up around 4:30 or 5:00. Chip was up with the sun and ready to begin work for the day. Our first order of business was to get the lawn mower working so Chiles, Emory, and James could finish mowing the grass... read more

South Dakota Day 2 – Project Assesment

Today we started checking things out around the church to see what we could do and what we may need to go buy in order to accomplish some of the many tasks. The guys began working on the grass around the church and the fire pit. We assessed the situation of the... read more

On the ground in Bridger, South Dakota

You know the old saying, “You can’t get there from here?” It doesn’t apply to Bridger any more! After three years we finally figured out the secret to getting here. After our great ride on the people mover from Randy Gossert and Master’s... read more


A beach is a lovely place for me to go to escape, but this year there was no escaping some of the big events in our country. The Charleston tragedy was just over a week old on the day I left for vacation. That same day with my Jeep loaded with chairs, towels and swim... read more

Walking Across the Street on Sunday

It has been a difficult seven or so days for this country, but especially those at Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston. We all know what happened there, so there is no need in repeating what we know. We know it was horrific. We know it was... read more

In Search of Our Laughing Place

In my hometown we still remember a man who grew up on a plantation on the east side of the county (just a couple of miles from my family’s dairy). As a boy he listened to the enslaved Africans tell folk stories that originated in West Africa and beyond. When he grew... read more

Our Shabby Biographies

I have a couple of special places at home designated for reading. In the early morning (before daylight) I sit in my recliner in the living room. Beside my chair is an “end table” which was originally an old chamber pot bench (complete with chamber pot). On that small... read more