Staff Blog

Joy to Sorrow, and Sorrow to Joy

Let me go ahead and apologize—I am going to “rain on your parade.” Once again on this Monday morning, I enter the office and start my work week feeling refreshed, renewed, and filled with joy over recent experiences with our church and community of faith. But the... read more

Something Funny is Happening Around Here

Sunday morning, Josh Pinson and I were discussing a good interaction we experienced with a church family. Walking away I said, “Something funny is happening around here.” That was my very unspiritual way of saying, “God is up to something good among us.” Here are just... read more

Welcome to Dr. David Hull

We are pleased to announce Dr. David Hull will be serving as our permanent Interim Pastor. A native of Louisville, KY, David has been an active leader in community and denominational life for 35 years. Most recently, he served as Interim Pastor for First Baptist, St.... read more


Redeem—to buy or pay off; clear by payment. I believe God is constantly at work within me, redeeming me, so I might be made complete. Two years ago I participated in a mission trip to Honduras to spend a few days with Ernie and Allison Sizemore in order to become... read more

Preparing a Place

This past Saturday, I spent the day with my sons. We had been through the holidays, traveling to spend time with our extended family, but the boys and I had not spent much personal time together. They had received, as a Christmas gift, the latest video game and had... read more

An Open Letter to Greg DeLoach

Greg, I just wanted to take a moment to say “thanks.” I know it is not enough—it never is for someone who passionately serves as they have been called by God. I don’t know if you recall, but the first time we met was when you needed a youth minister at FBC Marietta. I... read more

Baptizing Kevin

Kevin’s mom approached me and abruptly said, “I think Kevin is ready for baptism.” It is certainly not uncommon for me to hear from parents of twelve year old boys this type of request. But this request was anything but common. Kevin is a child with significant... read more

Broken Things

Several weeks ago I was making my routine Sunday morning rounds during the Sunday School hour. It is one of my favorite parts of the day as I stick my head in classes, say “good morning,” grip and grin and maybe snag a pastry (any pastry will do) on the way out.... read more

Old Notebooks

Since 1985 I have kept notebooks and journals to record personal thoughts, make notes, list needs to be remembered in prayer, and offer reflections on everything from the weather to a new idea picked up in a book. For the better part of a decade I have also kept a... read more

A Spare and a Prayer

Last week I was in North Georgia plowing through a forest service road looking for a spot to pitch a tent and count some stars. To the uninformed and uninitiated, a forest service road is off the beaten path of the comparatively tame asphalt byways. This particular... read more