Sermon Series

March 27        “No Fear”                                                Matthew 28:1-10

Fear is the first emotion of the Easter story. It is also something that can consume our lives today. The wonderful good news of the resurrection is God’s way of telling us, “Do not be afraid.”

April 3             “Practice Resurrection”                     Luke 24:13-35

We are able to practice resurrection when we know the difference between a report about Jesus and an experience of the Risen Lord.

April 10           “Preparing the Way”                           John 14:1-4

Because Jesus lives, he promises to go before us to prepare a way for us to follow.

April 17           “The Unexpected Invitation”              Luke 14:16-24

God’s gift of life through Jesus is pure grace, which calls for our gratitude and celebration.

April 24           “When God Waits”                                 John 11:1-45

As we go through life there are many times that we want God to act more quickly than God actually chooses to act. Sometimes God waits. Why?

May 1              “Finding Our Way”                                  Luke 15:11-32

We all sin and fail. Practicing resurrection trusts in the grace of God’s forgiveness.

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