Preschool/Kindergarten Mission Statement


The Preschool / Kindergarten program of the First Baptist Church of Augusta, Georgia was begun at its current site on Walton Way in 1977.  It is organized for children, ages 3-5 years of age.  It is designed to promote the mental, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development of children.  The program aims to enrich the life of each child so that he/she may experience the best and happiest of preschool years.

The program is a non-profit ministry of the First Baptist Church and is located in its facilities.  The program is under the supervision of the Minister of Weekday Education, Patti Fowler, and the Kindergarten Committee of the church.  It is seen as an integral part of the church’s mission to the community.

The purpose of the Preschool / Kindergarten program is to provide a Christian setting for informal teaching experiences, teacher-directed activities, and free play.  The child’s needs and abilities serve as the focus for the structure of the readiness program.  Through the daily schedule and interaction with Christian adults and other children, physical skills will be strengthened, social behavior will be practiced, emotional balance will be sought, intellectual concepts will be formulated, and Christian values will be internalized.

The program is accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission

Class Structure

K3 T/TH (2 classes) 12 in each class = 24 children
K3 M/W/F (4 classes) 12 in each class = 48 children
K3 M-F (1 class) 12 in each class = 12 children
K3 M-F (1 class) 18 in the class = 18 children
K4 T/TH (1 class) 12 in each class = 12 children
K4 M/W/F (3 classes) 12 in each class = 36 children
K4 M-F (2 classes) 18 in the class = 36 children
K5 M-F (2 classes) 16-18 in each class = 36 children


Teacher Requirements – Must be a Christian and member of a local church; must have BS/BA degree, preferably in Early Childhood; must be experienced in working with preschool children in professional and/or volunteer roles; must be willing to participate in continuing education requirements

Para-Pros – All M-F classes with 18 children have para-pro assistance. All K3 and K4 classes (M/W/F and T/TH) have assistance at some point in the a.m. and p.m., but not all day, everyday.

We have eight Para-Pros on our staff.


  • Each age has centers in the a.m., group time, and age appropriate art.
  • Bible Story is in the Sanctuary one day each week
  • Playground is scheduled for each group in the a.m.; K3 have an a.m. time and a p.m. time
  • Lunch – each child brings their own lunch and beverage
  • There is no daily snack, only served as a part of a cooking activity or birthday treat
  • Music is a part of each day’s activities through songs, finger plays, records.  There is also a scheduled time once each week
  • K5 only go on a few field trips – usually travel on church bus
  • Naps are not taken
  • Car line drop off in the a.m.; car line pick up M-F classes and M/W/F classes; T/TH classes dismiss from room

Parent Involvement

  • PIE – Parents are invited to work 1 hour each month in a 3- or 4-year-old class, usually not in their child’s room.
  • Parents are invited to help in the classroom for special projects (in their own child’s class) and to help during some planning meetings.
  • Field Trips – Parents provide supervision; Church bus has been used.
  • Parties – Parents sign up to help with these at least one time each year.
  • Supplies – Parents are often asked to help with some supplies during the year for cooking, art activities, paper towels, etc.

ORIENTATION MEETING is held in August – a.m. for parents and children visit in the p.m.

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