Preschool FAQ

Many questions are listed below, but if you have others please contact Mrs. Angela McNeal.
Click here to email her or call her at (706)731-5366.

What Are Your Policies?

  • A preschool parents’ handbook is distributed and discussed at the orientation meeting for parents in the fall.

Where are you located?

  • We are located at 3500 Walton Way, at the intersection of Walton Way and Wheeler Road. Click here for a map.

Who provides lunch for the children?

  • The parents pack a lunch and beverage daily.

What are the hours and days?

How do I register?

What if I have to withdraw before the end of the school year? Will I be committed for a full year’s tuition?

  • We ask that you give us 1 month’s notice of withdrawal.

Do you provide before or after school care?

  • No, our hours are 9:00am – 1:00pm.

Do you have to be a member of First Baptist Church to enroll?

  • No, in fact, most of our students are not members of our church.  We accept any child from any faith or ethnic background.

Do you screen children?

  • No, but we do ask that they be potty trained and able to handle personal hygiene matters.  Also, we ask that they be able developmentally to function independently in a classroom setting (no special guidance devoted solely to them).

Do children have to be potty trained to be in Mother’s Day Out?

  • No, but we will assist them as they are developmentally ready to learn this skill.

What is the difference between Mother’s Day Out and Preschool for 3 year olds?

  • The main difference is teacher qualification. The teachers in K3 must have college degrees, preferably in Early Childhood. Skill evaluations and conferences are held in K3. Children in MDO do not have to be potty trained, but they do need to be potty proficient for K3.

What do parents say about your program?

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