First Baptist Church of Augusta is deeply committed to prayer.  Prayer is to faith what breathing is to life.   We believe prayer to be the driving force of a spiritually growing and effective church.  Jesus  reminds us in Matthew 21:13 that “My house will be called a house of prayer.”  As we strive to be a “house of prayer” please join us in our Prayer Ministry.  For more information about ways to volunteer, please contact Sherri Hollar at
If you have a prayer request or praise you would like to share, please complete the “Request Prayer” form. Your request or praise will be added to our weekly prayer list.

For those who desire prayer during difficult times, it is reassuring to have tangible assurance that people are praying.  If you would like to receive a text or written note that you have been prayed for, please include  your cell phone number  or mailing address at the bottom of your prayer request.


We offer several weekly opportunities and locations to meet and pray at our church.

“First Sunday Prayer” – First Sunday of each month.   We are meeting from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm in the Crusaders Classroom, 2nd floor of the Daniel Building

Men’s Prayer Breakfast – Led by Cone Underwood, this group meets every Wednesday morning, 7:00 am to 8:00 am, in the Arts & Crafts Room in the Mission Activity Center.  This prayer group has a biblical devotional and a time of prayer for our church and other needs.  All men are welcome.  For more information, contact Cone Underwood at

Cason Bruker Prayer Room – Dedicated in loving memory to Cason Bruker, this room is located at the east end of the first floor hallway of the Adult Building.

Chelsea Collins Prayer Room – Located at the east end of the 2nd floor hallway of the Walton Building,  this prayer room is lovingly dedicated in memory of Chelsea Collins.

Contemporary Service Prayer Room – This prayer room is located off the hallway to the right of the double doors leading to the Worship Service area in the Mission Activity Center.

Sanctuary Prayer Room – Dedicated in loving memory to Dr. Jake Malone, this room is located near the front entrance of the Sanctuary, just outside the double doors leading to the right aisle of the Sanctuary.

**All of these prayer rooms are open during our Sunday services.


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