News and Notes

Looking Ahead:

*lst Day for 2018 – MONDAY, January 8th

(Please note that we return in 2018 on MONDAY, January 8th.  Columbia County schools return on Tuesday, January 9th.  However, we will take Friday, March 30th, GOOD FRIDAY, as a holiday, and they do not.  Therefore, we will return one day earlier after the Christmas break.  THANKS!)

*January 15thMLK Holiday for all classes that meet on Mondays

*January 16-19 – K3 and K4 Parent / Teacher Conferences

Teachers will share more info about plans for this.  Children attend class, as usual.

*January 16 – Registration forms for the school year, beginning in August, will be available in the Preschool Hallway for pick-up.

*January 22 – 25, Registration forms will be received between 8:30-9:30 or 12:30-1:30.

*January 22 or 23 – OPEN HOUSE for K3, K4, K5, 9:15 in Adult Building, room 100 – learn about the program; 9:30 – meet with age group teachers; 9:45 – visit classrooms

*January 24 (Mobley) and 25 (McKenney) – K5 Field Trips to see a play, “The Frog Prince”. Arrive by 8:45; load bus at 8:50.

*February 6th and 7thTooth Fairy Visit

*February 13th and 14thValentine Parties

*February 19thPresident’s Day Holiday for all classes

Thank you, Christmas Party Parents.  We had a great time and appreciate all your planning and preparation!

Tax Information Request Form – You should have received a form for you to complete and return if you desire a statement for tax purposes of the amount you paid to FBC in 2017.  Please send it by your child and/or give to Patti.  Your statement will be returned to you through your child’s teacher.  Thank you for allowing a couple of days for this to be completed.

PIE VOLUNTEERS for January – May…Thank you to those who agreed to serve for the next semester.  Your participation is appreciated and valued!

They are: Kelsey Guarino, Olga Wilson, Tracy Bolyard, Davi Robinson-Carter, Elizabeth Brinson, Heather Watkins, Kasey White, Jennifer Huston, Tara Allen, Lindsey Seepe, Amy Russell, Kristen Middleton, Sharina Ramage, Amanda Bishop, Brooke Reese, Lauren Maddux, Terri Gay, Jenna Scherer, Kelly Edwards, Denise Bleemel, Paige Durden, Hannah Walden, Amy Mincolla, Marsha Rowe.