News and Notes

Looking Ahead:

*November 10th – Native American Presentation (Rhonda Marschalk)

*November 13th – Boxed and Canned food items for Benevolence Ministry are due

*November 16th and 17th – Thanksgiving Feasts

*November 20-24 – Thanksgiving Holidays

*December 15th – 11:00 – Christmas Program presented by all K4 and K5 classes; everyone in K3, K4, and K5 will dismiss following the program, about 11:30.

*December 19th and 20th – Christmas Parties

*December 21 – January 5th – Christmas Holidays

*lst Day for 2018 – MONDAY, January 8th

(Please note that we return in 2018 on MONDAY, January 8th.  Columbia County schools return on Tuesday, January 9th.  However, we will take Friday, March 30th, GOOD FRIDAY, as a holiday, and they do not.  Therefore, we will return one day earlier after the Christmas break.  THANKS!)


Thanksgiving contributions for Benevolence – First Baptist helps families on Tuesdays with utility bills and food.  Each class will have a box in their room November 1 – November 13th to collect canned or boxed food items.  Those contributions will be given to the Benevolence Ministry to help provide food for citizens in our community.  Thank you for giving this opportunity to share with others consideration.

Thank you, Fall Party Parents.  We had a great time and appreciate all your planning and preparation!

PIE VOLUNTEERS for January – May…Thank you to those who have been involved in the PIE Volunteer program for K3 and K4 T/Th and MWF classes.  Forms regarding your interest for the next semester will be sent next week.  Please return them by December lst.  If you did not have the chance to work this semester, but would be interested in helping 1 hour a week or 1 hour a month from 9:00 – 10:00, please let Patti know and you will be given an assignment for the coming semester.  If you have questions, please, also let her know.  Thanks for giving this consideration.

Moms have noticed and requested that I send a reminder about “texting and driving in the parking lot”.  Thank you for refraining from texting while driving anywhere, but especially in the parking lot with so many moving cars / people.  We trust no one would intentionally hurt someone, but it could easily happen when full attention is not given to your surroundings.  Thank you for helping to keep everyone safe and for setting a good example for your children to follow when they are older.

Tis the season when people often go to public parking lots, hoping to snatch a purse from a vehicle…It is wise, even at a church, to always make sure you have your purse with you when leaving your vehicle.  We want everyone to use good judgment to protect your belongings.

With cooler temps, sweaters and jackets will be needed.  Thanks for labeling them with your child’s name.  We always have several left at the end of the school year, and we want to be able to return them to the proper owner.  Thanks for your help!