“Think Differently” by James MacDonald (11 weeks)

Begins Wednesday, January 17  9:30 – 11:30 AM in the Daniel Building, 2nd floor.

Why do we lose our temper or hurt those we care for most? How do families find themselves broken? The reason is often the way we think. Beyond behaviors and attitudes, thinking determines outcome more than anything else. God offers our only hope for victory over disposition, dysfunction, double-mindedness, and every other mental stronghold. With Christ we can think differently!

Workbooks ($14) are available for purchase when you attend. All ladies are welcome. To register and reserve your book, contact Rebecca Elkin at rpelkin@knology.net.  For free childcare email Patti at pfowler@fbcaugusta.org.

“Think Differently” Video: http://m.lifeway.com/n/Product-Family/Think-Differently