Welcome to Dr. David Hull

Welcome to Dr. David Hull

We are pleased to announce Dr. David Hull will be serving as our permanent Interim Pastor. A native of Louisville, KY, David has been an active leader in community and denominational life for 35 years. Most recently, he served as Interim Pastor for First Baptist, St. Petersburg, FL. Previously he served as pastor of First Baptist, Huntsville, AL for twelve years. Also, he pastored First Baptist, Knoxville, TN along with other churches in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Kentucky. In 2014, David resigned as pastor of Hunstville in order to support his wife, Jane, as she accepted a call to serve as the pastor of Union Christian Church in Watkinsville, GA.

David is an accomplished author and teacher, and has a special love for the local church. Over the years, he has developed a passion to see all churches become healthy and thriving. He has a special interest in helping congregations navigate leadership transitions in a healthy and Spirit-led manner.

David will be present with us beginning Sunday, March 20th. In addition to preaching on Sunday mornings, he will remain through Monday in order to do worship planning. Also, he will be available to support and provide consultation with leadership teams and our ministerial staff.

Included in the agreement with Dr. Hull to serve as our Interim Pastor, the congregation is asked to demonstrate the following:

  • Commit to the Gospel by faithful participation in worship, learning, and fellowship activities.
  • Support the ministry of the congregation through service and gifts.
  • Accept the interim pastor, uphold him in prayer, and accord him love, respect, and good will.

Join with us as we welcome Dr. David Hull into the life of our congregation.