Sermon Series – “Intervention: When God Shows Up and Everything Changes”
8:30 Contemporary Service (MAC) &  11:00 Traditional Service (Sanctuary)

June 23rd- Luke 8:26-39 – This is the story of Jesus healing the Gerasene Demoniac. The point of the story will be that Jesus intervenes and changes the man’s life, his heart and his situation. But the one thing he doesn’t change is his location! Jesus tells him to return home and tell how much God has done for him. We are happy to tell others about Jesus on a foreign mission trip, but are we willing to tell people about how God has changed our lives in our own cities?

June 30th- Luke 9:51-55 – The disciples get angry when the Samaritan village doesn’t welcome Jesus into their village. They want to call down fire from heaven to destroy the place and Jesus rebukes them. He intervenes to show their blind prejudice against “the other”. We are going to look at this story and ask about who the other is in our lives.

July 7th- 2 Kings 5:1-14 – This is the story where Namaan is healed by God through Elisha. The intervention happens in a non-extraordinary way, through washing down at the river! Namaan was angry because he wanted to see a dramatic healing but that isn’t always how God works. The question we will be looking at is how often do we miss out on the intervention of God because we don’t have our eyes open to the small things.

July 14th- Duet 30:9-14 – The Israelites are approaching the promised land and this section of Deuternomy lays out for them the promise from God. Follow Torah and live, disobey Torah and it won’t go well. He intervened in their history to make them a people and set them free…and later on in the Story, God will intervene again because the people were not capable of keeping the Torah on their own. They couldn’t on their own power, be the people that God had created them to be, so God sends his Son to be the fulfillment of the Torah, enabling us to live in an entirely new way in the world!