When meeting Dan you very quickly recognize that this is a man who is in love with the Lord and not hesitant to share that love with others. He is committed to leading worship that inspires everyone to express their love of God through a deeply spiritual, celebratory offering of praise and adoration. He is truly blessed in that he authentically communicates his love of Christ, humbly using his significant talent and gifts of creativity to allow God’s Spirit to permeate and move the heart of the worshipper to a greater love for our Savior and Lord.
Second only to his love of Christ is Dan’s love for his wife, Kelly, and their children: Nadia and Kendrick (11), Tashi (8), Hassennah (6) and Clara (1). You only have to see them together a short time to witness the love they freely lavish upon their children and witness the respect and affection the children have for them. It’s a joy to see them together. – Kurt Wachtel, Ministerial Liaison, Search Committee

A few facts about Dan:
*Bachelor of Music, University of North Carolina at Wilmington; independent studies in big band and choral arranging
*Ordained to the Gospel Ministry in 2012
*Worship Arts Pastor, Global River Church, Wilmington, NC, 2007 – 2016
*Proficient in guitar, vocals, piano and numerous other instruments
*Freelance musician and instructor since 2001 as a band director, pit musician for musical theater, choral events and live band settings
*Extensive A/V, technical and multi-media experience; committed to recruiting and training volunteer A/V staff
*Produced seasonal and special events of varying scale and scope

What others have said about Dan:
In February, as a member of our contemporary praise team, I had the privilege to experience firsthand Dan’s musicianship, worship and leadership skills as he rehearsed with and led the band and the audio/video team as guest worship leader at REACH. The team members quickly embraced Dan. His professionalism, technical proficiency and ability to work with, train and lead the musicians and A/V volunteers were self-evident and greatly appreciated by the team. More importantly, Dan proved himself to be a passionate, professional and talented leader who loves God and people. – Larry Fletcher, Moderator Liaison, Search Committee

Dan has an extraordinary ability to bring out the best in others, even when they cannot see it in themselves. . .he has years of worship leading experience. . . and supervised a large team of both experienced and inexperienced volunteers, and took the time to mentor the less-experienced team members, growing both their skills and their confidence. . . (he) is dedicated, passionate and highly creative. . .An honorable man who loves God and whose family is a high priority. – Emily Morgan, Administrative Director, Warrior Family Ministries, Inc.

Dan has a solid core foundation of God’s sovereign goodness and love for all humanity. . . (he) has a true psalmist’s heart and through his spiritual sensitivity and leadership those present (in worship) are compelled to enter God’s holy presence with praise and thanksgiving. – Charles Mabry, Secretary, Board of Elders, Global River Church