We are all on a journey of faith. Some are in the early part of the journey which includes discovery and building of relationships. Others, as they move down the path, are seeking ways to continue to deepen their faith. For us, this journey is about a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Whether you are visiting us for the first time or have spent many years in our congregation—you have a next step. Take a moment to consider what that might be for you. Whatever that may be, we are here to support and walk alongside you as we journey together.

Want to find a place of community and belonging? CONNECT
We have a lot happening in our church and we want everyone to have meaningful relationships. Take a moment to begin to get to know us and be sure to visit with us on a Sunday morning. We are looking forward to building new relationships.

Want to discover what it means to be in relationship with God? GROW
We offer opportunities to study and learn about what it means to know God and have a personal relationship with God through Christ. The website will provide current information on the many ways you can take a next step in growing in your relationship with God.

Want to make a difference? SERVE
You have already experienced some ways in which you can serve—from coffee, to greeters, to worship leadership. We also actively serve throughout our community, nation, and beyond. The serve page of our website helps you begin to explore the ways that might fit your passions in serving others.

Want to help do for others what has been done for you? GIVE
We are able to provide so much because of generous hearts. The give page provides a way for you to give online. Thanks for supporting our efforts in our community and beyond.